Decentralized Federal Reserve Board that Enable Everyone to Issue Currency

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Introduction is a brand-new DeFi mechanism full beyond CeFi. is run by smart contract, the vision is to build a worldwide central bank which can enable everyone to issue currency by any asset.

As the nature of the US dollar is the national debt, the essence of currency in is a decentralized debt which is always guaranteed and can be liquidated with no bad debts invariably.

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Features can make any kind of tokens fair trading, easy lending, and yield farming.

  1. An efficient exchange including auto liquidating with no bad debts.
  2. High-convenient borrowing and lending with any assets can be collaterals.
  3. A stable-coin one-to-one pegged to USD but everyone can issue.
  4. Transaction fees, loan interest, etc., all the income is used to buy back and burn governance token.


Although the Total Value Locked in DeFi has reached 10 Billion, DeFi apps are still new to the world.

As a fully decentralized protocol, we will try our best to improve the project, but please use it at your own risk.